Episode 162- Michael Eisenbeis

On this episode I’m joined by Michael Eisenbeis of Shooting With Annie, Whiskey Morning & Fine To Drive. We discuss all 3 projects, his start in music, songwriters, KISS and more.

12499398_10153719516661708_1091882309_oOn the episode hear two tracks from Shooting With Annie’s GRAPESTAINS album “YSKB” & “Clovis”. Buy the album on ITunes, Amazon, or ShootingWithAnnie.com

See Michael LIVE:

Whiskey Morning Trio 1/15 at Naked Vine (Chesterfield)

Whiskey Morning Band 1/31 at Nathalie’s

Fine To Drive 1/25 at State Street Market (Alton)

1/28 at Naked Vine

Find more information about all three bands on Facebook.




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