Episode 427 – The Former Me

This episode I caught up with Ryan, Killian, Adam & Matt of The Former Me (Missed you Dylan!) to talk about their new I KNOW IT GETS BETTER EP, Release Party, opening of Bon Jovi, tattoos, pizza, stories behind the songs, working with Kevin at Reach Audio and so much more.

The Former Me is (Left to Right): Ryan (Guitar), Adam (Drums), Killian (Bass), Matt (Guitar) & Dylan (Vocals *Not Pictured*)

On this episode you’ll hear

  • 22 And Some Change
  • Get A Grip (Exclusive first listen)

Pick up a copy of their I KNOW IT GETS BETTER EP on July 22nd at The Firebird. See The Former Me LIVE with friends Ashland, Isabella, Strikes Back & Skyline In Ruins. Tickets available from the bands or FirebirdSTL.com

If you can’t make it to the party, the album will be available wherever you buy your digital music. Pre-Order it NOW on ITunes.

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