Episode 625 – Anima / Animus

Ryan, Nick & Nathan of St.Louis band Anima/Animus join me to discuss their debut UNDISCOVERED EP and EP Release Party, stories behind some of the songs, their new music video, are most Metal things we’ve done, recording with Matt Amelung and a lot more. Recorded in the basement of Strange Donuts so shout out to Strange Donuts for letting us hang out.

Left to Right: Ryan (Guitar), Nick (Guitar) & Nathan (Drums)

On this epiosde you’ll hear:

  • Drift Away
  • 6 Years
  • Ancient

Check out the video for “6 Years” filmed by Sam Beck

Be sure to pick up the EP wherever you get your digital music. Follow them on Facebook & Instagram. See them LIVE

Oct 21 at Fubar with My Children My Bride

Nov 10 at Fubar with Unimagined

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