Episode 88- Jeff Nations #2

Over the weekend I stopped by and caught up with friend of the show Jeff Nations. You might remember Jeff from Episode 6 last year. We talked about his upcoming show with his band Various Hands, being named RFT’s Cover Band of the Year for 2015 with The Town Drunks, and his summer tour.


See Various Hands on the LEARN TO DANCE TOUR


7/18 at Blueberry Hill in the Duck Room with Brother Lee & The Leather Jackals, Vanilla Beans, and CITIZEN8

7/19 Nashville, TN

7/20 Springfield, MO

7/21 Norman, OK

7/22 Wichita, KS

7/23 Des Moines, IA

7/24 Cherry Valley, IL

more information on  VariousHandsmusic.com/tour

Follow Various Hands on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

And follow Jeff’s cover band The Town Drunk on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Buy a copy of Hypoluxo EP on ITunes, Bandcamp.com or pick up a copy at the shows. Hear “R.M.A.” from the EP at the end of this episode, and Jeff also plays “The Fleeting Starlight” live acoustic on the show.

also available on ITunes & Stitcher


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