Inside the Episode – David Butler

As you heard in the episode, I’ve known David since my senior year in high school. We developed a friendship in our weight training class, and an inside joke that referenced “The Wall.” I still cannot remember what this had to do with, but it stemmed from a conversation regarding¬†Pink Floyd.

The conversation with David was sincerely one of those where I just wanted to pick his brain. You can tell that he has a genuine passion for not just the music he writes, but for the production side of it. People who really look in to details, like the quality of files really blows my mind, and you can sense when we got in to the topic that I was just listening to him talk about it. This episode probably have easily gone to the 2-hour mark, but we normally try to wrap episodes around the 1-hour mark, plus it was getting later, and David said he had been up since 5am. He probably would have totally talked for another hour with us, but I didn’t want to keep him.

Something that I have sensed from many of our guests, are that they never make it feel like a burden to come on the show, they sincerely thanks us for having them on, and its’ mutual. We would not have a show, if these musicians and comedians did not take the time out of their day to come chat with us.

David is one of those guys who has an extreme desire to learn things, and you can tell by how he talks about teaching himself different instruments. I think people like that don’t take answers on a surface level, they want to dig down and learn how things work or why things are, and I think with the topics we covered, you can really tell that’s how David is.

I hope to have David back on the show if(When) he gets a studio started, because I feel like there’s a whole source of conversation that we could talk about with just music production. I love seeing what people think of the future of music, and formats and David definitely touched a bit on that. As I find with many of our episodes, I come out of the episode really appreciating being able to spend an hour picking their brains on different topics.


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