Episode 100- Steve Ewing 2


I can’t believe we’ve made it everyone! 100 episodes! These is an extra special episode, first 2 part episode. The beginning of the show is my interview my friend Steve Ewing of The Urge and Steve’s Hot Dogs. We discuss the 20th Anniversary of Receiving The Gift of Flavor, Steve’s Hot Dogs success, and recap the Rock Paper Podcast 1 Year Anniversary acoustic brunch.


Check out the Urge’s Pledge Music¬†campaign and get some cool perks. See Steve & Adam acoustic at Old Rock House 8/14 with the Unifyah Release Party.

Keep an eye for the “Gift of Flavor” Urge beer coming soon.


Thanks Steve for continuing to support this show!

Part 2 we’re joined by co-founder of Rock Paper Podcast Chris Bumeter. I thought it’d be a lot of fun to celebrate this milestone with my buddy just like the way it started.

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