Episode 102- Brookroyal

*Warning* This episode was recorded live while other bands were rehearsing down the hall, so there is some bass coming through that effected the mic at parts. I apologize.


Episode 102 with the guys of Brookroyal. I was able to catch up with Jack, Bon, Dave and Jason of Brookroyal at their rehersal the other night to discuss their upcoming appearance at the 6th Annual Ink Spot Block Party in Troy, M0 8/22/15.

Free Show with a Ticket to see


Story of The Year

Shaman’s Harvest



Hollow Point Heroes

Apollo’s Daughter

Sky Burnt White

The Hush List and many more….


Also on this episode you’ll hear “There Was A Time” from Brookroyal’s There Was A Time EP and “Crown The Youth”. Pick up their lastest album Cycles of Life & Sound if you haven’t done so.






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