Episode 211- The Old Souls Revival

On this episode I met up with The Old Souls Revival on Sunday right after Record Store Day at Foam in St.Louis, MO, so there is some background noise on the audio. We ended up talking about their brand new album, The Shake Weight, upcoming shows, Saturday Night Live, and even played a live acoustic tune.

Special guest appearance by Zack Sloan on this episode.

13072160_10153978264581708_1316888856_oFrom Left to Right: Zack Sloan, Jeremy Reidy (Drums), & Neil Luke (Vocals/Guitar)

You can pick up their new studio record I Will Let You In on Bandcamp.com. Closing out the you’ll hear “Move” from the album. Neil was cool enough to play a solo acoustic version of “Atlantic City” from Bruce Springsteen (or The Band) for the show by request.

They also recorded a live album the night of their release party. The live album includes 3 tracks a piece from Brother Lee and The Leather Jackals & The Wilderness. Currently available from the bands or at Music Record Shop.

See the Old Souls Revival LIVE

4/30 at ITAP Chesterfield then ITAP CWE

5/7 at Cinco De Mayo on Cherokee

5/13 at Gaslight

5/28 at Art Outside

Also check out Neil’s STL Here & Now. Thanks to FOAM for letting us hang out for a while. Stop and visit them on Cherokee and grab a beverage.

Listen on ITunes, Stitcher or click play.


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