Episode 253- Jackal Fest 2016

Saturday I went by the Music Record Shop to see the Langaleers and Brother Lee & The Leather Jackals rocking a live in-store. I stuck around after the show to sit down with Danny & Josh of BL&TLJ to talk about Jackal Fest coming up. We talked about how the idea came about, how awesome all the bands on the lineup are and what to expect July 30th at Atomic Cowboy in St.Louis, MO.


Jackal Fest includes

Brother Lee and The Leather Jackals

The Maness Brothers

4th City Rag

Old Souls Revival

Miss Molly Simms

Dubb Nubb

Cara Louise Band

Gavin M.

Search Parties

The Free Years

The Langaleers


Old Capital

Boys Club

Sister Wizard

Kid Scientist

The Wilderness

Bug Chaser

13516237_1250805074931121_2826268663413328727_nGrab tickets today! $7 HERE or $10 at the door.

Listen on ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music apps or Click Play

Thanks to Music Record Shop for sponsoring the show. Visit them in the Grove on Manchester Ave in St.Louis, MO. New vinyl every Friday! Shop online 24/7 at MusicRecordShop.com


Also Thanks to Mo Game Con for sponsoring the show. Visit MoGameCon.com for details and tickets. August 13th 12-7pm.



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