Episode 274- Daryl Hance

Last night Daryl Hance & Cameron Weeks were passing through on tour and asked them to stop by my house to talk about the new album, life on the road, starting a band with JJ Grey, and play some live acoustic.

You can see them LIVE in St.Louis Wednesday 8/31 at San Loo with Magico. Full list of tour dates at DarylHance.com.

14191592_10154323564756708_94767284_oCameron Weeks (Drums) & Daryl Hance (Guitar & Vocals)

On this episode you’ll hear:

“With The Tide”

“Here She Comes (live acoustic)”

“I Don’t Know (live acoustic)”

“Vibrational Reprise”

The live acoustic tunes are currently unreleased but expected to appear on Daryl’s next album. The studio tracks are from Daryl’s latest release WILD BLUE IRIS available about everywhere including DarylHance.com.

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Thank you to Gaslight in St.Louis, MO for all of their support with this show and local music! If you haven’t been by there yet, head over to GaslightSTL.com and book a tour to come take a look around. There are a lot of opportunities to see some amazing bands there like 8/31 Defeated County, 9/1 Les Gruff & The Billy Goat or 9/7 The Leonas & Dagmar.  Follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


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