Episode 300- Cavo 2

Boom! Episode 300! Cavo returns to the show to the show to talk about their latest record BRIDGES, tell some stories behind the songs and play 5 live acoustic songs in front of a studio audience at Gaslight.


Everything you hear today was recorded live in the studio at Gaslight. Please be sure to check them out as GaslightSTL.com. They are wonderful people doing some amazing work. Thank you Gaslight!!


On this this episode you’ll hear 3 songs from BRIDGES

  • “Nights (Acoustic)”


  • “Stay (Acoustic)”


  • “Just Like We Want It (Acoustic)”


As well as

  • “Champagne (Acoustic” from 2009’s BRIGHT NIGHT DARK DAYS


  • “Black Honey (Acoustic)” Thrice Cover


I highly encourage you to go grab a copy of Cavo’s BRIDGES today! It’s a great album! Follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. CAVOMUSIC.com.

Listen on ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music or click play

Thanks to Gaslight for all of their support with this show. Check out GaslightSTL.com and schedule a tour today if you haven’t been by there. It’s a beautiful recording studio attached to a bar!

12342578_182933895386709_6687088724347852320_nAlso I’d like to welcome back to the show Music Record Shop!! They relocated to Washington Ave now, so swing by and check out their new location! New records in every Friday. Shop online 24/7 at MusicRecordShop.com.