Episode 420 – Marcus Newstead

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Marcus Newstead the other night at Fister’s practice space. We’ve become good friends recently through being co-workers but I’d never had a chance to talk to him in depth about his music. I invited him to come hang out and tell me all about his bands, upcoming shows, and even learned he did stand up comedy for a while.

If you’d like to spice up this episodes listening experience, take a drink every time Marcus mentions a band name.


On this episode you’ll hear Fister’s “We All Die Tonight.” Grab a copy at Fister.bandcamp.com. Closing out the show you can hear a live recording of Marcus covering Link Wray’s “Rumble” on guitar.

See Marcus LIVE

6/28 at The Sinkhole with Grand Inquisitor

6/29 at Fubar with DayBringer

7/26 at The Sinkhole with Fister

7/29 at The Sinkhole with DayBringer and Maness Brothers

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