Episode 562 – Singer Songwriter Storytelling Showcase #1

On April 10th I hosted my very first Singer Songwriter Storytelling showcase at The Monocle. I invited some of the best guys I know to join me Dana Michael Anderson, Neil C. Luke and Chris Rader.

Photo by Gavin McNutt. Left to Right: Dana, Neil & Chris

Be sure to support these guys. Pick up Dana’s latest record BOTTLES available digitally everywhere. Check out Neil with his band’s Old Soul Revival and L.S. Xprss. Old Souls Revival have a brand new record titled OLD SOULS REVIVAL. You can see Chris with his band Clusterpluck. The also have albums available everywhere.

Thanks again to my wonderful guests, and all the fans and friends that showed up that night. Big thanks to The Monocle for the opportunity. Join us every 2nd Tuesday as we continue this as a monthly series.

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