Episode 926 – Matt F Basler (Singer Songwriter/Podcast Host)

Matt F Basler returns to the show! Since Matt is my arch nemesis he felt the need to bring his legal representation Dylan Clubb along for the podcast. We recorded this over Zoom a bit ago to discuss Matt’s new I’M GONNA **** YOUR *** EP. The EP contains 6 modern country songs covers. Get a sneak peek on today’s episode!

Photo by Mike Romer

Full video of the show on YouTube!

Be sure to check out Matt’s video for “Courtesy Of The Red, White & Blue (The Angry American)” on YouTube. Find the EP wherever you get digital music. Also follow along with Matt F Basler on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Tik Tok. Subscribe to his podcast Matt F Basler’s Podcast wherever you listen to podcasting! MATTFBASLER.com

On this episode you’ll hear:

  • “Courtesy Of The Red, White & Blue (The Angry American) (Toby Keith cover)
  • “Whoop A Man’s Ass” (Trace Adkins cover)
  • “Read Me My Rights” (Brantley Gilbert cover)

See Matt F Basler LIVE

8/20 at Off Broadway with Electric Six & Me Like Bees

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