Episode 959 – The Shane & T-Bone Show

Monday was President’s Day and Tony & I both had the day off so we decided to press record and see what happens. I had a lot of fun catching up with my buddy Tony Willingham of Beyond FM. We covered a lot of ground on this episode talking about some of our favorite concerts, songs & movies. We also get serious for a bit. We open up and share some personal stories of struggles and how we’re handling them. A little everything in this one!

Find BEYOND FM at BeyondFM24-7.com or their download their app and listen to the Best of Everything St.Louis 24/7! 

Today’s episode you’ll hear:

The Urge – Where Do We Go

Mad Love – Heavy Stones

Arthur Yore – Them Arthur Yore – Devil’s March ft. ATG

Gavin O’Brien – Pretend…Bored Again

Jordan Suter – Jefferson County

Brother Ali – Forrest Whittaker

Brother Ali – Self Taught

ANDTHEYRISE – Disintegrate


Thanks to Gaslight for letting us hang out and record this one. Visit them on The Hill for some tacos, drinks or get in the studio! GaslightSTL.com

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