Inside the Episode – Nick Vatterott

Nick currently lives in Brooklyn, but he is back home in St. Louis for the holidays, and it was very cool of him to invite us over to hang with him for the show. He was super welcoming and if we had more time, then I definitely would have challenged him to a game of foosball as I saw a setup in the basement. Next time perhaps, your move Nick!

I really enjoyed the episode with Nick this week. He is one of the first guys we’ve had on the show who has had some experience writing for some major networks, but also who has had some appearances on some late night shows as well. I always have an extreme curiosity for the process of these shows and how these things come together. Obviously, when you see it on television, it seems so flawless and it was really interesting to hear about his experience with Jimmy Fallon.

We normally try to keep our episodes around the 1-hour length, but this one ran a little longer because there was so much we wanted to cover. I think we probably could have easily made this episode run over 2-hours long. I hope he can come back on the show sometime down the line and hangout again. I would love to chat more about his podcast and how he goes about preparing his shows. If you take a listen to some of his episodes, he is portraying different characters, and I’m just curious how he approaches the episodes in terms of planning or if it is all improv.

This episode was a great way to wrap up 2014, and though we may have a special mini episode before 2015 officially kicks off, this will be our last guest episode until the first of the year.


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