Pokey LaFarge “Something In the Water” Album Review

This weekend Pokey LaFarge came back home to St.Louis for 3 SOLD OUT shows at Off Broadway. He also did 2 In-Store performances, Saturday at Vintage Vinyl, and Sunday at Euclid Records. I was unable to purchase tickets for the Friday & Saturday shows, and had previous plans for Sunday, but I was able to get out and catch him at Euclid Records for the performance. I’m pretty to Pokey LaFarge, obviously being from St.Louis I’ve heard his name a lot but I had never got to see him live or really heard much of his music. I did see him on Late Show with David Letterman. ┬áNow after seeing him live, I get it! I’m all in. He’s a fantastic performer and his band is incredible. They played quite a few cuts from the new record Something In The Water on Sunday including the title single “Something In The Water”, “Bad Girl”, ” Knockin’ The Dust of the Rust Belt Tonight”, “Actin’ A Fool” and “The Spark.” Pokey stuck around and signed everyone’s copy of the record, I personally picked up a copy of the vinyl.

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I was able to the give the new record a proper listen and was blown away. This is one of the most unique sounding records I’ve heard in several years. Quite a diverse blend of sounds, all possible with a world class band back LaFarge. Almost all of the songs on this record we’re also written by LaFarge.

Something In The Water” is a fun song, with a wonderful video that brings all the imagery to life. LaFarge tells a love story of his crazy woman that he can’t quite explain what it is that makes her the way she is.

“Actin’ A Fool” is an upbeat, rocker. Reminds me of a early Rockabilly records. Also features some great harmonica from Ryan Koenig. Can never go wrong with some harmonica.

“The Spark” is one of my favorites from the record. It’s so catchy and gets stuck in your head. Also shows some of Pokey’s range on vocals.

Pick up this record! It’s refreshing to hear new music that sounds like some of your older favorites. Just press play, and see what happens, you’ll be dancing in no time.

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