Rock Paper Podcast (Inside the Episode) – Episode 12 Clockwork

I know I’m a little late on this one, but I had a blast interviewing the guys from the band Clockwork. Here’s the crazy thing about these guys, they are young and have already grabbed some pretty awesome recognition. The day we recorded with them, they had been on the radio station Y98 that day. The day after we interviewed them, they were on Fox 2 in the morning. The day after that, they made an appearance on KSDK Channel 5 to play yet another song. These guys really do take “being in a band” seriously and treat it like their full-time job.

We met the guys at a park in Cottleville, which was interesting because we had to compete with dogs barking, bugs and light. Towards the end of the interview, you hear me wrap it up because I could not see their faces sitting across from me. Even at that point, we turned on the flashlights on our phones and they jammed a song out for us to end the show. They were just all around cool guys to hangout with and talk to.

I hate to say these guys are just kids, because I think that seems insulting, but for a band that aren’t that far removed from high school, they are composed and extremely professional. Even more so, they are passionate about the music and band they are in. The fact they have played SXSW and actually have a booking agency for their midwest shows is impressive, but after listening to their music, it’s not that surprising.

This was another one of those episodes where I felt like we could have chatted for 2 hours about anything. They seemed just like cool friends that came to hangout who happened to be incredibly dedicated to their craft. Despite some of the background noise at times (dogs barking, kids playing and bugs buzzing) the episode really turned out great. The audio recording doesn’t do the guys justice, but without some heavy duty microphones, it would be hard to truly record their song outside.

If you have not yet checked out the episode, please do so, and go and support these guys. They just kicked of their Indiegogo campaign to help fund a new album, and I really believe they will obtain that goal. It was a fun episode and probably one of my favorites so far.

Sorry again for the late post, it honestly just slipped my mind. I enjoy doing these though and hopefully they’re a little fun to read after listening to the show.


Check the show out below:

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